Xtreme Cheer

The XCA Experience

As a member of the Xtreme Cheer competitive teams, you'll become part of a program that encourages training for excellence from within a progressive, family-oriented approach. Both members and coaches alike are expected to uphold positive attitudes while maintaining a high degree of motivation, determination, drive, pride, belief in oneself, belief in others, commitment to setting and achieveing high goals, and a willingness to learn and grow as both a cheerleader and individual. You'll become part of a group that is made up of some of the most talented and hard-working athletes from both Connecticut and New York.

We expect great things from each of our team members, and we guide each and every individual through rigorous training that allows them to grow and evolve in ways they never thought possible... reaching new heights they would not have achieved on their own. Being part of the XC family is sure to produce experiences and memories, both on and off the "big blue floor," that will last a lifetime through!

Being a member of the XC teams can be a truly rewarding experience. Members typically develop an immense sense of loyalty and pride, giving 110% of themselves at all times, and learning to work with many different types of people and personalities. Through proper training, team members also find the scope of their ability while learning to push beyond limits — emotional, mental, and physical — they may have not thought possible. In addition to making lifelong friendships, members will gain valuable perspective on accepting victories with honor, defeat with grace, and so much more.

Our Teams

  • Tinys: Ages 4–6
  • Youth 1: Ages 5–12
  • Junior 2: Ages 14 & under
  • Junior 3: Ages 6–16
  • Senior 4: Ages 11–18
  • Senior 4.2: Ages 11–18
  • Senior 5: Co-ed, Ages 11–18
  • Senior Open Large 6: Co-ed, Ages 14+
  • International Non-Tumbling 6: Co-ed, Ages 14+

We also have a half-year program available. Please contact us directly for more details.

If you think that you have what it takes to be a part of the Xtreme Cheer family, email us for a personal tryout.

XC Gear

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